Custom Lanyards – Effective Marketing Tools

Custom lanyards are effective marketing tools that don’t cost as much as advertising in newspapers and other print media. Although lanyards were not created for such purpose, no one can deny that they can attract attention.

One of the functions of a lanyard is to hold a security pass or any other means of identification. Lanyards usually come in plain colors, and then different designs were added. The manufacturers were pleased that the colorful and gorgeous lanyards attracted more individuals. The people began using their lanyards in different ways.

Soon, manufacturers offered lanyard customizations and turned the lanyards into effective marketing tools. Business owners can decide for their lanyard design. Most business owners choose to put with their logo and company name on their lanyards. Doing so can arouse the curiosity of the people to know more about their company. Those people can become potential clients later.

Why Customize your Lanyards?

A prudent business owner knows that his or her business will flourish if it gets enough exposure and makes potential clients notice the company. Placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine can cost a hefty amount of money. You will pay more if you choose to buy an air time to advertise your business. Customizing your lanyards won’t cost as much.

A wise business owner should take advantage of the said opportunity, especially if he has a limited budget for almost everything that his company needs. You can start promoting your company with custom lanyards that your employees can wear whenever they go to work.

Even now, people are always glad to receive free things – whatever they are. You can give free lanyards with your company logo. People will find ways to use the freebie lanyard. When they bring it along with them, others will be able to see your logo. Hopefully, your lanyard design is attractive enough to raise the curiosity of the onlooker and seek more information about your business. After some time, you might be surprised when people begin to crowd in front of your establishment.

A Lanyard is Quite Helpful

Custom LanyardsA lanyard is more durable than the usual ID lace. It can help an employee carry his or her identification or badge with ease. Instead of searching for the ID or badge in their bag or pocket, they simply reach for it. The ID conveniently hangs around the neck, supported by the lanyard.

There are also lanyards that can be attached to the pocket or as a strap that can be wrapped around the wrist. Whichever is fine, as long as the user of the lanyard is satisfied.

Lanyard as Marketing Tool

Most people know that lanyards are quite handy. Giving custom lanyards to clients can help promote your business. You can give neck, wrist, or pocket lanyards. Your clients can use the lanyards to hold their keys, small tools, flashlights, pens, and anything light enough for them to carry around.

Your clients will surely appreciate the gesture. While the lanyards help them with their chores, your clients help you promote your business whenever they use your lanyards.

Because of the valuable help of the lanyard that you gave, your client might even boast to his or her friends about the gift that he or she has received from you. Your client’s friends will see the name of your company and might want to check it out.

You need lanyards to attract attention, but make sure not to go overboard. The colors and design of your lanyard must be in perfect harmony with your logo and company motto. Keep the design simple, yet attractive.

Your custom lanyard should look smart because it represents your company. The lanyards must convey a message that your company can be trusted.

Let the custom lanyards help you promote your business and also help your clients with whatever purpose they intend to use the lanyards.


How to make Lanyards

Lanyards are quite easy to make. They can be made into different lengths, colors, and styles. They are great to be used as key chains, ID badge holder, gadget holder, and anything that you can imagine. With just few materials needed, you can already own a custom made one to be given as a gift or for personal use.

In making the lanyards, you will need the following materials:

•Lanyard lace/string – this comes in different thickness, lengths, and colors. Usually, they can be bought by 100-yard spools.

•Hook – this could be a ring hook, a j-hook, or any attachment hook that can be used to hold your preferred item. Be mindful that you should be sure about which type of hook to be used since once you attached it to the lanyard, you can no longer remove it.


In making your lanyards, you can choose between two loops: the crown sinnet method or the modified braid method. Here are the procedures to follow.

For Crown Sinnet Method:

lanyards1.To start, prepare two strings, preferably in different colors. Cut them in your preferred length. But keep in mind that if you are using thick strings, a meter of which will yield a 3-inch lanyard.

2.Find the centers of the strings. Fold them in half until their ends meet. Secure their centers with your fingers.

3.Lay the two centers to each other. They should be arranged in a plus sign. To attach the hook, slip the bottom lace on it then move the hook gently to the center. It does not have to be in the center exactly since you can still adjust it with the next steps.

4.To start looping, secure the centers to keep them from moving. Grab one end of the bottom lace and draw it over the center. Do the same thing with the other end of the bottom string. Avoid them to cross each other. Just loop them over your finger that is holding down the centers.

5.Grab one end of the top lace and loop it towards the center. as it encounters the first bottom string, loop the top string over that first string then loop it through the second bottom string. By this time, the two ends of your top string should be facing the same direction.

6.With the other end of the top string, just do the same with the first top string. Loop it towards the center. Loop it to the first bottom string that it will encounter and through the second one.

7.Gently remove your finger from the center and place it over your first stitch. This will secure the knot as you tight the ends. Adjust the hook according to your preference. It should be directly over the stitch you made.

8.Make the succeeding knots. Just like what you did with the first stitch, just do the same procedure by looping the two bottom laces towards the center. Then the two top strings should go over and through the bottom strings. Repeat this step until you run out of string length.

9.To finish your lanyard, if you are using laces, just cut the ends off and burn them with a lit candle or a lighter. If you are using strings, secure the ends by looping the strings over and through with each other. Pull the ends tightly then cut the excess.

For modified braid:

1.Prepare your two laces or strings. To attach the hook, simply draw the strings up to the center. Adjust them until the ends meet. Then just tie a knot to secure the hook.

2.Then as if you are braiding hair, do the same technique with the strings/laces by looping them over each other. Continue this process until you run out of length.

3.To finish your lanyard, secure a knot that is closely similar with the braid knot.

Lanyards can very easy and fun to make. With these, you can personalize your souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends. However, if you need to make a lot, it would be better for you to have it mass-produced by professionals.


Custom Silicon Wristbands Can Spice Up Any Event

Custom silicon wristbands are so popular because they can be put to a wide variety of uses. Virtually any event that you can think of can benefit from using wristbands for crowd control, identification as well as other purposes related to ensuring that it stays organized. In addition, the wristbands make great keepsakes that will make sure the guests remember the organization or business long after the event is over. Here are suggestions for how wristbands can be used to spice up particular events.


Instead of giving the usual tokens and knick-knacks to guests at the reception, why not give out custom wristbands? They can be inscribed with the names of the married couple and the date of the event and offered in coordinated colors, with men getting one color and women another. You can also make a smaller number of brighter-colored wristbands for the younger guests.

Family reunions

If you have a big extended family, why not have custom silicon wristbands made for your next reunion? The wristbands can be inscribed with the date of the event and help bring the family members closer by serving as a reminder of their familial ties. Alternately, the bands can have a special inscription such as “Family Togetherness Forever” or something like that.

Debuts/Sweet Sixteen’s

Custom Silicon WristbandsThe guests can be given souvenir wristbands while those who are invited to dance with the debutant can be issued specially-colored wristbands. The name of the debutante and the date of the event can be inscribed on the band to make it a keepsake of the event. Wristbands of different widths can be issued to the boys and the girls, with the girls getting dainty microband while the boys get one-inch wristbands.

Children’s parties

Wristbands are particularly popular with children and young people and so you can make your child’s party even more special by giving out wristbands as giveaways to all the guests. You can order custom silicon wristbands in bright colors that children will love. Alternately, you can have slap bands as your giveaway since kids will have fun slapping them on their wrists to put them on.

School fairs

Instead of a ticket, why not give out colored wristbands at the entrance? The wristbands can also be used for identification purposes, with different-colored wristbands given to volunteers to distinguish them from ordinary fair-goers. If the fair goes on for several days, you can have a different colored wristband for each day.

Book signings

In order to control the number of people who are entitled to get their books signed, order a certain number of wristbands and then give them out as guests arrive. When the wristbands run out, tell people that they can no longer be accommodated. Using wristbands to identify those who are entitled to get an autograph also prevent unwieldy long lines from forming, since people no longer have to wait to see if they can get their books signed.

Trade fairs

You can order wristbands inscribed with your company logo and name, and give the away to people dropping by your booth along with a brochure and other business information. Alternately, instead of wristbands, you can order keychain bands, which are silicon wristbands with a keychain attachment at the end, since these might be more appropriate for potential leads that might not want to wear a wristband but would find a keychain more useful.

These are just a few examples of how you can use custom silicon wristbands. In fact, with a little imagination, virtually any event can be made better if you use wristbands. And they are surprisingly affordable so you won’t have to spend too much money.


7 Tips in Preparing a Keynote Speech

The difference between a good and mediocre keynote speaker is the extra time allotted in creating the speech and making sure that it fits the audience best. A little more research, presentation and audience survey make a huge difference that can set you apart from the rest of the professional speakers. You might have a great personality to make any presentation lively and interesting, but are you sure that your speech is substantial and appropriate for the audience?

These seven tips will help you prepare the best keynote speech your audience will surely love.

1. Ask for the theme.

Some organizers ask keynote speakers to deliver specific topics. Most of the time though, they are given freedom to choose their central idea for as long as it does not veer away from the theme. Ask for specific guidelines, so that you will know how to be relevant at the fullest.

2. Ask for the time allotted.

The presentation and structure of your speech will depend on the time given to you. Most of the time, extension is not an option, so you have to be very concise and selective of your topics. You might have some leeway to crack extra jokes or show additional videos, but make sure to stick to the allotted time.

3. Ask for primary issues, problems and concerns.

The organizer will not spend on an event and a keynote speaker on a whim. They look for a motivational speaker because they sense that their employees or members need extra inspiration. They look for an expert speaker because they need to learn or master something new. They look for a humor speaker because they need a break from all the stress at work. Ask for the specific problems they encounter.

4. Research about the organizer or organization inviting you.

Keynote speakerWhat are their vision and mission? What do they do? What is the purpose of the event? Who are the key people attending the event, such as executives, other special guests, etc? An efficient keynote speaker needs to know who he is working with and what he is working for to deliver a relevant speech.

5. Profile the audience.

Clarify what specific set of audience the organizer is expecting. This is to determine their level of comprehension, sensitivity and attitude.

Are they entry-level employees or manager/executive-level officers who require more advanced topics? Are they young professionals or near retirees? Your jokes and examples need to be timely. Are they composed of mixed races, or mostly Caucasians or African-Americans? They will understand you clearer if you use a language they use the most; and there are racial issues to avoid as well.

If possible, ask for a random list of expected audience that you can survey before the event. You can ask for their specific concerns, preferences on topics and plans on making the speech useful for their daily lives and works.

6. Split the speech into different sections.

This is very important especially if you are given a long time to talk. If you will deliver a speech like you are reading a long essay, it is just a matter of minutes before the audience fades away to snoozeville.

Split important topics into various presentations. Add some activities, jokes or anecdotes within each section to avoid boredom and maintain the enthusiasm and energy level of the audience.

Usually, splitting into three parts is enough. It will also help to vary the tone of your speech in sections, like making the first part fast-phased, the middle part with a more serious tone, etc.

7. Recount your main ideas and topics at the end.

You have been an audience before for sure. Don’t you think many audiences have short attention span? Some of them might lose their focus by the middle of the keynote speaker’s speech, so for their benefit, recount and summarize the topics discussed at the end of your speech. Do not expect all your audience to understand everything you say the first time around.


What are Softball Trading Pins

Softball is a sport similar to baseball, but is different in certain aspects. For example, softball uses a larger ball compared to baseball. And although it is called softball, the ball used for this sport is not anywhere near soft. This game was initially intended as an indoor team sport, unlike baseball that is meant for an open field. Lastly, softball is played in a smaller field compared to that of baseball.

The differences don’t end there. Aside from sharing the same team compositions, softball trading pins are also given to members of the team, who in turn share and trade them with members of other teams. This has been a tradition that aims to promote camaraderie among members of this team sport. Such pins also give a sense of pride and recognition to those who own them. Softball trading pins normally contain the logos or the official mascots of teams. On top of this, softball pins may also contain the name of the team, the age group, as well as the event for which they were made for. If there is enough space, the city and state from which the team originates is also stamped on the pin.

To make it more personalized, some resort to adding the name and the jersey number of the player the pin is intended for. There are several other add-ons that one can choose from to make a pin unique to a certain team. Such add-ons include blinkers, dangles, glitters, studs, or rocks. Some even resort to choosing a bobbing (just like a bubble head) effect for their pins. The more customized a pin is, the more pride and satisfaction one can get from it. The add-ons can also add to the value of the pin, making it more sought-after compared to those with simpler, less complicated designs.

Softball trading pins normally range from 1.75 inches to at most 2 inches in diameter or width. Anything bigger or smaller doesn’t have much appeal. Pins that measure less than 1.5 inches are still manufactured, but they are more of a collector’s item than a trader’s favorite.

Softball trading pinsSpeaking of manufacturing softball trading pins, the three most common ways of processing softball pins are as follows: soft enamel, photo screen, and hard photo screen method. First on the list is the soft enamel method. It is used when one intends to have embossed pins for his team. Such pins have an embossed feel; the color of the design is a bit below the metal outline, highlighting the design of the logo. Soft enamel pins are also heavier compared to pins made through other methods. This method is chosen if the design intended for the pin is simple. Since soft enamel trading pins are manually colored using a fine paint brush, it takes longer than usual to process such pins; therefore, they command a higher perceived value compared to others.

The next most common method is the photo screen method. This method is used when the design intended for the pin contains complex, intricate, and highly-detailed logos. Photo screened pins are also called silk screen, screen prints, or photo-etched pins. If you are in a rush to have pins for your team, you may resort to choosing this method. Photo screened pins are also the least expensive amongst the choices; quality-wise though, they are a notch lower than average. The third method is somewhat a combination of the first two methods in making softball trading pins. Called hard photo screen, this method follows the idea of the photo screen method, but the finished product is 50% heavier – almost near the weight of soft enamel ones.

Having learned all those things, you’re now no longer clueless when it comes to such popular collectibles.


Making the Most Out Of Custom Lapel Pins

It is a known fact today that every organization, ideology and event can have its own set of custom lapel pins if they want. Printed with an icon of an idea or a group, the pins will help onlookers identify you with a certain organization and understand what you believe and support in as of now. To make the most of them, you need to understand where they should be worn for maximum exposure. Below are a few events that will give you an opportunity to show your colors to the crowd.

Organization Meetings

Whenever you are part of a recognized social organization, you can have various custom lapel pins designed to commemorate you inclusion to those groups. The key here is to design the pins in such a way that it depicts the official colors, icon and motto of the group albeit with a personal touch. You can also have these pins distributed to the group as a sign of your tight-knit connections. If you happen to be a distinguished member of the group like an officer or founder, you can create your own personal emblem. Just make sure that the others have their own corresponding emblems, too, just to be fair.

Social Gatherings

custom lapel pinsThe mere act of going outside to where people gather can be an opportunity to get your message across hundreds of individuals. Various social awareness groups tend to pass custom lapel pins in certain days of the year to raise awareness on social issues like domestic abuse, troop support and pro-life concerns. In addition, some health organizations will gather at public places to pass badges that raise awareness on diseases like HIV, cardiovascular problems and cancer. If you happen to support any of these advocacies, you can have several pins printed in advance of their celebrations.

National Holidays

Celebrating national Holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July does tend to bring out one’s patriotic side. When designing these patriotic custom lapel pins, you must make sure that they represent the colors of the American Flag which is red, white and blue. Also, American Icons like the various presidents and the bald eagle are great optional additions to your overall design. Just like any proud American, it is a must that you wear these pins proudly on your chest to show your support for everything the country stands for.

Elections and Primaries

Before you show up at the voting centers, it would be best that you make it known to everyone else who you are rooting for. Various custom pins are being distributed by candidates during the campaign period for you to wear during election period. If you are not content with that, you can design your own pins to show your support for one candidate or party. One important thing to remember is to always pick the right color. As of now, the major parties are either colored blue (Democrats) and red (Republicans). This way, you would prevent any misconceptions on your political leanings once you appear to cast your vote.


Not all custom lapel pins are meant to be loud and celebrative. On certain situations that have a somber mood, you can design custom pins that will make the event more meaningful. In the event of one’s passing, there is the option of fastening a pin at the chest of every family member to show everyone’s mourning of the recently deceased. Also, pins can be published in commemoration of events that greatly shook the community. Either way, these pins will serve a fitting memorial to the persons lost or a celebration of the life they once had.


Designing Your Own Custom Embroidered Patches

If you ever had the compulsion to look like an ultimate fan to your favorite sports team, or some distinguished member of an elite faux-military unit, custom embroidered patches are the way to go. Fortunately, there are services available that can help you transform your ideas into well-made patches ready to be worn on your shirt or coat. As always, the key to a good patch is design. For custom patches, there are quite several things you have to remember when designing them. Here are a few:

Color It Right

When designing your own custom embroidered patches, the first thing to get right is its colors. Every patch should use several colors that stay true to the brand its representing (a must for custom fan patches) while still unique and outstanding to anyone looking at it. If possible, you must use bright colors as they tend to pop out of the shirt once the patch is attached.

A bit of pastel colors here and there would also help in evening out the design. If your intended design uses a lot of dark colors, make sure that the service uses high-quality threads and fabrics when printing the design. This way, the patch will have a polished sheen to it once worn.

Mind the Borders

Custom Embroidered patchesLike other memorabilia, Custom embroidered patches need to have the right borders to stand out. Thus, you need to find the right border colors so that the patch will stand out from the shirt while still molding itself seamlessly to its surface. For brightly colored patches, it is a must that they have a white or black border so as to give a differentiation between the shirt’s colors and that of the patch.

Also, be careful in determining the thickness of the patch’s border. The best kind of borders is those that seemingly wrap around the patch’s base shape without making it too blocky. If your patch design is not made up of basic shapes, make sure that the border goes around every corner of the patch.

Stick It Up

If you want your patch to easily attach or detach, you need to make sure that it has the right adhesives. Custom embroidered patches today use Velcro in its back surface so as to stick to the shirt’s surface easily yet easily come off if considerable pressure is applied. Made up of thousands of tiny hooks, Velcro allows the patch to latch itself easily to the shirt without damaging it.When you decide on using Velcro, make sure that it will cover every corner of the patch to avoid the patch from drooping once attached.

Pick The Right Size

The size of a patch will determine how attractive they are.Just keep in mind that a larger patch area will need more materials to cover the space which, in turn, results in a higher price. Also, it is best that the patch does not cover the entire arm lest it weighs the shirt down. If you truly want a detailed patch that stands out in the shirt, it is best that you design the patch between 2 to 3 centimeters.

Avoid Minute Details

Even with the best techniques, there are some design features that may be too small to translate with the embroidering machine.If possible, you must avoid using any detail that might be too minute for the patch services to accurately embroider. If the design is too small to be seen from custom embroidered patches from a few meters or not too relevant to the patch’s overall themes, then there is no point of having them printed on the patch.


Can A New York SEO Company Save a Dead Blog?

If you dig deep enough on the web, you will find that there are a lot of dead or dormant websites. They may have a lot of content from the past, and they may have been #1 in their niche at one point, but they are completely gone now. They are found through link exchanges, web rings, and other archaic directory listings and by some miracle you have found it. You have finally traversed the right path to finding them. These sites are as good as dead, and the hardest thing for any webmaster to do is to bring the back to life. If you have a site that fits that description, whether you’ve posted 20 updates or you have a blog that has 800 posts, there is still hope for a brighter future. It is found with the hiring a New York SEO company and seeing whether or not they can build a great deal of influence for you. Once you understand what they can do for you, you may in fact change your mind as to whether or not your site can be saved.

It’s Never Too Late To Resurrect Your Brand

Before you start to cycle through all the benefits that come from hiring a New York SEO company, you will need to know that it’s never too late to resurrect your website or brand. Some brands have been dormant for years, but out of the blue they come back and are bigger, better, and more prolific than ever. You may find that your old blog or website is just ripe for a comeback and this time around, you will have the backing of a professional grade optimization strategist to help you conquer the issues. If you want to gain leverage, and you absolutely want to get more traffic, you will end up getting it, but only if you decide to move forward with getting a helping hand. You may not need a complete overhaul of the design or framework of your page, instead, you will need to look at the updates that are possible overall.

The First Major Step For Resurrecting Dead Blogs

The first major step in this process, aside from hiring a New York SEO company, is to look into the analytics. If you have analytics installed from Google, or any other option, the company you hire will look at it carefully. In order to find what is working, what isn’t working, and whether or not you have any sort of market share left within your domain name, you will need to look at all the metrics. This is mandatory, otherwise you will not know what you’re working with. Too often people just assume that the turnaround is a matter of luck, and moving with the optimization elements that everyone says work well with traffic generation. While it is true that some elements can help, finding out whether or not you have any sort of marketing prowess within your content, domain name, or anything else that is connected to your site is important to farm out.

Developing A Strategy For Content Marketing

It has been argued that there are no less than 15 types of content that you can use on a blog. If you do not have any of them, or you just worked on 1 or 2 of them, you would not be able to reach the widest audience possible. That’s where hiring a New York SEO company becomes once again imperative. When you get an expert to help you build content, you will find that they can cycle through all 15 types and will push updates across several channels. This will help you engage any audience that may be watching, and will grow your brand systematically through constant updates. This will be part of the bigger strategy of internet marketing that is needed to resurrect a site that has lost favor within search engines.

Injecting Traffic With PPC

SEO ServicesAnother thing that you will find is going to happen when you go with a professional search engine optimization company is that they will focus on PPC work for you. This type of advertising will give you traffic while the company builds the content that will make up your blog. One of the tried and true ways that you can gain traffic today is through the direct bidding and purchasing of interaction. PPC stands for pay per click, and it is part of the business model of every single search engine today. It will make or break your website and content design in ways many other options will not. Getting traffic in this regards is easy, but getting readers to stick around is another story.

The Full Circle

If you’re still wondering whether or not a New York SEO company can save a dead blog, the truth is simple, and it’s impact can be felt throughout the internet. The answer is yes. You may have an all new brand, and a huge increase in traffic if you just let someone else handle the marketing aspects. Whether you have a blog or an ecommerce solution that is in need of marketing, you will find that there are a lot of experts that can push you into the front of the proverbial line on Google or any other search engine.

New York SEO Company Providing Best SEO Services


Fireproof Safes for Guns – Keeping Your Guns in a Safe Place

Most Americans have firearms in their homes. Proper gun storage is a must if you have a gun. As a gun owner, you are responsible for keeping it in a safe place. It is also imperative for gun owners to keep their guns away from children.

Storing your guns in a safe place will help to keep your family members from firing them accidentally. Keep your gun away from your children’s reach or from adults who are unfamiliar with gun safety rules. Also, you need to make sure that your guns are not stolen by anyone with bad intention. The majority of unexpected crimes happen when the guns fall into the wrong hands.

Choosing the Best Safe for Your Gun

f-4Although there are lots of light weight and handy safes available in the market, they are not recommended unless they are bolted to the floor. The smaller safes can be brought out of the home easily by a burglar. Although there are big and bulky safes they can be opened easily using a bolt cutter or an axe. Make sure that you will not waste your money on these types of safes. It is best if you look for fireproof safes with combination locks to secure your ammunition and firearms. Different fireproof safes come with various locking systems. You can choose any based on your preferences and needs.

To get a high quality fireproof safe, you are recommended to find products offered by popular safe manufacturers like Sentry, Winchester, Remington, Liberty, Browning, etc. They are trusted providers for gun safes. Although the prices of fireproof safes are much higher as compared to those of normal safes, the former type is still cost efficient. The more secured gun safe is the one that cost more than others. You can also keep your important documents and valuables in the safe. This kind of safe can survive high temperatures in case of fire. Also, it protects your precious items and guns from being stolen.

In choosing fireproof safes, make sure that Underwater Laboratory (UL) has tested the safes. Also, it will be best if you can get a safe with a certification for a residential security container. Do not get a safe without checking its rating first.

The cost of a gun safe may vary from $1600 to $2000. However, it is one of the most protective safes as it can withstand temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. There are some models that are less expensive, but they can only withstand lower temperatures. You should consider your budget before buying the best type of fireproof safe that will meet your requirements.

To sum up, to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands, it is a must that you get a good quality fireproof safe for your gun. It will help you to guard your guns against the bad elements. Choosing the right safe will help to prevent all the unexpected incidents in the future.

Rifles, handguns, and pistols are an investment even for those that are not fond of collecting firearms. This is one item that keeps its value and in many instances appreciates over the life of the weapon. Due to this, they are easily fenced items on the black market. These fireproof safes for guns are durable enough to withstand fire and keep your guns safe from burglars.

There are lots of reasons for an individual to keep their home secured. As there are lots of ways for an individual to secure their home. But if you are going to choose to have your own hand guns, then you should consider first the best way to store them.


How to Prevent Eliquid from Going Bad

There are times when eliquids tastes weird after a certain period. You could tell that there is a weird sour taste in the fruit flavored eliquid you purchased. You just know that it is different.

Eliquids do not really show an expiration date on their labels, which makes it difficult for most consumers to know when a vial of juice is still good. However, what most e-cigarette users know is that eliquids with either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) have a shelf life of about 2 years. The amount of time that eliquids can maintain its flavor, colour, and throat hit would all depend on how you store and use it. Here are some of the tricks to prolong the life of your e-juice.

l-8Store Eliquid in a Cool and Dark Place

Eliquids act similarly to homemade beer – they are affected by heat and light and ingredients other than propylene glycol are prone to spoilage. For this reason, make sure that eliquid vials are stored in a dry and cool place. Also make sure that your e-juice bottles are not reached by direct sunlight. Storing them in low temperature would also prevent mold and bacteria accumulation and prevent oxidation. The refrigerator might be the best storage location in your home, or any dark area that has room temperature.

Use Glass Bottles

There is a good reason why there are many volatile liquids that are stored using glass – glass prevents liquids from combining with the container components, which allows any liquid to maintain its integrity. That means that storing your e-cigarette liquids in glass would allow you to enjoy the original flavor and nicotine dosage for a longer time, compared to using plastic vials.

You may be concerned that glass vials may crack when stored inside a refrigerator. Keep in mind that PG and VG both have very low freezing points, which means that they are not likely to get too cool to break the glass. That means that you can store them at the best temperature to maintain maximum freshness, which is any 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep them Airtight

As much as possible, do not let air inside the vials. That would make the flavor go hazy or for the nicotine quality to degrade. Make sure that you always replace the cap after use, and should you transfer contents into a glass bottle, make sure that you prevent air from getting trapped inside the vial.

For DIY Users

If you want to make sure that you are getting the best out of the ingredients that you buy, make sure that you store those products separately. Do not mix ingredients right away, unless you plan to use them already. That prevents accidental aeration or contamination of the ingredients.

Also keep in mind that it is not a good idea to mix flavors, since they are the most unstable compound in the eliquid. Concentrated flavoring tends to cause the entire juice to decompose faster. At the same time, fruit flavors can be very prone to decaying and improper mixing may cause a sour or stinky smell in the product.

How to Detect Spoilage

If you suspect that the eliquid you are using has gone bad, try shaking the vial to check if the ingredients would still mix. If they don’t it is largely possible that it has gone bad already. You may also notice that the juice has a much darker color. While it is not dangerous to use spoiled eliquid, you would definitely feel that your throat and mouth does not like it.

If you do not want to risk having your eliquids spoil, see to it that you buy them in smaller quantities instead.