The Benefits of Live Chat in an Online Business

The world of internet marketing is undoubtedly very competitive. Online companies live and die by their ability to attract visitors or traffic and turn them into customers. In order to survive the fierce competition, online businesses are willing to try anything that can give them the edge over the rest.

Today, these businesses are on the verge of discovering the true potential of having live conversations online. To do this, online businesses make use of live chat software. It is actually surprising as to why not a lot of major online retail companies use this to their advantage.

Main Advantages

Live Chat Software Certifies Compatibility with Major Web PlatfoTo survive in a market as tough as the internet marketplace, your only hope is to acquire the most cost-efficient and effective marketing tool.

By integrating your website with live chat software, you are actually enjoying a lot of benefits aside from the ability to interact with your prospects in real time.

A recent study shows that visitors who experience a live chat conversation with a representative have about 50-75% more chance of making a purchase than those who did not. Also, 20% of people who use live chat services made 75% of their purchases online.

This shows how important it is to cater to your visitors’ needs directly, which is a serious problem in the online market. Sometimes, your website’s visitors feel “disconnected” with the business, especially if you have a poor page design. A usual routine for online visitors is to enter the site, browse a little, and then exit the site. This is where using live chat software becomes useful. Imagine a usual visitor enter the site, browse a little, and then the visitor receives an introduction from an active live chat representative. From then on, everything becomes incredibly more convenient for the visitor.

With live chat software, potential customers can now have fast answers to any of their questions. In a study conducted by Forrester research, 44% of online customers agree that having a live conversation with a representative during an online transaction is the most useful feature in a web page. A lot of good live chat software can also provide support much faster than a call center. It is also easier for customers to navigate through the on-screen interface rather than pressing numbers.

Another very important advantage of choosing live chat services over call center services is that they have a much cheaper interaction cost. It also increases work efficiency since live chat agents can handle multiple conversations simultaneously while call center agents can only speak to one customer at a time. And of course, using live chat will also lower your phone expenses.

Live Chat Service

Having a live chat service on your website is also beneficial for your online business in the long term. A study suggests that 63% of consumers tend to return to websites that offer this type of service. This is because live chat support from a company representative is beginning to get sought after by online visitors. It gives them a more “involved” feeling with the website.

A lot of live chat companies offer either just the chatting software, or the professional service to monitor their website’s live chat activities. There are even some live chat companies that offer both. Their software and service is for online businesses that prefer their live chat service to be managed by another company 24/7.

Live chat services help generate leads for your business. By using a live chat service, you can save on expensive marketing costs while improving the quantity and quantity of your potential customers.


The world of internet marketing is still evolving. In order to survive the tough competition, one must be equipped with the latest tools to get a share of the global market. If live chat is the new way to communicate with your prospects online, then it is the key for surviving the new age of internet marketing.


Common Questions (And Answers) About Custom Made Military Coins First Time Buyers Ask

One of the best things that ever happened to collectors of military coins is that there are now companies who can make available custom made items. Online sellers are quite numerous today. For the first time buyer or customer who will order a custom made coin, the number of options could be pretty much overwhelming. Of course, asking questions is nothing to be embarrassed about. It could save an individual from the trouble of not being satisfied on quality of items or having unrealistic expectations about outcomes of finished products.

To guide a newbie buyer of custom made challenge or military coins, there are some common questions and corresponding answers presented below that they might find useful:

• What are the first things to remember when planning to buy or order military coins?

Think about the purpose of what will be bought or ordered. Will it be something that will really be significant to a group? Is it meant to make people remember you or anything else? These would lead an individual to come up with the design, quantity, and other options to choose on the items that will be purchased. It is also a good thing to remember to research about challenge coins and the best sources available.

• What options are available for customers who will order custom designed military coins?

military coinsThese options are the features and specifications that will be seen on the coins to be minted by the manufacturer. Options would include shape, size, texture, depth, and finish. A good seller or source will present many variations of these options. A very good factor that will affect choices with regards to coin options is the cost of each or of the batch to be produced. Sellers ought to give buyers the freedom to choose which from the least expensive to the priciest options should be used. Explanations should be made as clear as possible regarding this right from the start.

• Can a customer choose which type of metal will be used on the coins?

Generally, there are two standard options that will be available for buyers or customers regarding this. These are brass alloy which is less expensive and the zinc alloy which is the pricier option. Other companies can deviate from these two commonly accepted and used materials. There are instances where special orders will require that gold, silver, and other types of precious metals be used. Of course, this will greatly pump up the price of coins or the whole order.

• What is the usual turnaround time for orders on custom made military coins?

Of course, anyone who has ordered these specially designed coins would want to know when they could get their hands on actual finished products. Generally, if a company has all the manpower, materials, and resources, orders could be made and delivered within 18 to 20 days. It is very hard to find a company that could offer to complete an order in 15 days or less these days. There are many factors that could affect the turnaround times for orders. The biggest ones include the complexity of the designs specified by a customer and the amount of the coins that need to be made.

• Is it true that buying in bulk will save the customer money?

In the case of custom made coins, the answer here is yes. There are companies who charge fees on a “per coin” basis. However, most companies all over the industry charge per batch. An individual could order by the hundreds and save a lot on the cost of the entire package. There are also companies that will set minimum quantities on orders.

• Is it possible to get scammed?

In this industry, scams are of course possible. It is therefore advisable that prospective customers do their research about companies they are planning to transact well. A clear giveaway of a company that cannot be trusted is when they make promises of delivering an order on a much shorter time period as indicated above. A wise buyer will always be safe out there.


Seven Powerful Tools Used in SEO Services

SEO services take advantage of a selection of search engine optimization tools to make their jobs easier and more efficient. The finest SEO tools can greatly help the specialists strengthen their productivity and improve SEO attempts. To be able to make the most of the SEO benefits, SEO services identify which tools they should work with. To make this happen, be aware of the different kinds of tools first.

1. Web Analytics Tool

The primary task of this type of tool is to giveSEO Services a quick and basic solution to understand all the stuff about an internet site. Web Analytics provides authentic information concerning the internet site’s visitors, entry pages, single page visits, bounce rate, customer path, downloads, clicks, exit rate, page views for each session, and a few other aspects. Applying this tool could help the user grasp an idea with regards to what are effective and what are not. It will be simpler for one to figure out what innovations can actually make the website rank in search engines.

2. Keyword Density Tool

In SEO services, keyword density is defined as the measurement of how frequently a certain keyword or key phrase is repeated in a single page. It is very important for the primary keywords and phrases to attain the proper density to be sure the page will have a high ranking in search engines. In terms of search engine optimization, this tool could also play an important role in examining whether or not a web page is necessary to a particular keyword.

3. Keyword Research Tool

Step one in attaining a high position in search engines is by using the appropriate keywords and phrases. One can find plenty of tools on the internet that can facilitate in researching the top keywords for a particular site. These keyword research or suggestion tools supply keywords relevant to the area of interest or niche of the business website. Some of these tools even provide info about the competitors, level of searches and a few other elements.

4. Meta Tags Tool

SEO services use this tool to evaluate if the site’s Meta tags are actually suitable for Google and some other search engines. Meta Tags analyzer investigates whether a web page adheres to the search engine algorithms or not.

5. Page Rank Tool

Page Rank denotes the level of relevance of a website is in various search engines. Sure enough, a website with a lot of remarkable links and informative content is going to get a great PR (page rank). When searching on the net, one can find lots of free tools that let the users effortlessly determine the page rank of any site.

6. Back Link Tool

Search rankings are determined by numerous factors, including how many and how good are the back links to a certain website. It is quite a challenge to keep track of each and every back link directed towards a site. This is why SEO services use a back link checker tool to obtain details related to this.

7. Sitemap Generator Tool

The key function of a sitemap is to guide search engines in checking out every one of the links within a website. That way, the search engines can then index the website completely and never having to overlook any one of its parts.

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SEO and Video Marketing

Video marketing is making huge gains these days. You will find that there are a lot of companies even working with this notion as well. You don’t have to have an HD camera to get started with posting clips either, you could use a smartphone, or even a handheld camcorder to make things special. The point of working within the world of search engine optimization is not a complicated endeavor when you’re dealing with video, but you will need to follow a few lines of protocol. If you hire a company to help you with this, or you try and do some of it on your own, there are some tips and tricks that will generate some attention for your posts, if you simply follow them.

First, you will need to make sure that you craft and edit videos that aren’t too long. To start marketing with video and ensure that search engine optimization is part of the bigger picture, you will need to focus on creating things that are quick and to the point. Think about making things that are under 5 minutes to start, and that should help elevate your awareness a little bit more than most. Don’t just put your video on one site either, make sure that you submit it to every single “tube” site that you can think of, and fill out the “about” section properly.

If you are going to post video on your pages, make sure that you do not isolate it with just visual. Add text, and other explanations, as well as images to the page so that it looks like more than just a video embedded into frame. The more you can do to make the page readable to search engine crawlers, the better off you’ll have it in terms of marketing. Just remember, you cannot just upload your videos and leave them alone. Make sure that you’re linking them to other pages, embed them on your site, and more.

Another thing that you need to remember about search engines and video, is that they index them faster than blogs and other media. When you can’t seem to get traction with simple tactics, make sure that you upload videos and you fill out the about me information with your link. Links that are located there may not get a lot of click through, but it will get indexed within search results. That alone could help propel your image moving forward, and will sustain your overall reach.

Whether you hire a company or you try and do it all on your own, mixing video marketing techniques and SEO can help establish your company as a major player in any industry. If you were to avoid videos and you don’t work within the boundaries of social networking, you could end up missing out on a lot. It’s with that in mind that you should definitely look into these things on a deeper scale, or you could end up missing out on a good section of traffic that is looking for what you have to offer straightway.