Comparing HGV Insurance

HGV insurance has far more choices than regular car insurance and so when purchasing insurance for HGV, it is best to look around for the most suitable and best deal. An hgv insurance comparison 2016 can easily be found on the internet and so you can start from there. The reason why HGV insurance has more choices is because there are different size vehicles carrying different types of loads, perhaps to different countries and so you want to ensure that the HGV insurance that you get suits your truck, its freight and its possible destinations. Although you could just go to your regular insurance agent and see what they have to offer, by doing so you may not discover some of the best policies available. An insurance agent, will only be employed by one insurance company and so although the agent may offer you the best policy he can, they are limited to only the policies offered by their company. Of course though, going to an insurance broker is completely different. Unlike an insurance agent, an insurance broker is not employed by any one insurance company and so is fee to look at any policies offered by any companies. An insurance broker will have been trained in the same way as an agent and was probably an agent at one time however now, the broker will either work for themselves or for a brokerage company. As a broker is not aligned to any one insurance company, it is the client’s interests that they can put first, thereby approaching any insurance company to what policies they have to offer. The brokers are of course aware of the tricky wording insurance companies like to use and so they can steer you through the small print on each of the policies, ensuring you fully understand a policy before accepting it. To attempt to do this without the assistance of a broker would mean it would take you hours of calling the different companies asking for quotes and even then, you still have to try and interpret the small print. Using a broker is therefore good when buying any type of insurance but since there are so many different types of HGV insurance available, using a broker is even more important. In some countries, insurance regulations are different and so before takin out any HGV insurance, it is important to determine which countries your truck will be driving through. Having determined the countries that your HGV will need to travel through, you can then ensure that any policy you take out, will be equally valid in all those countries. As some loads may be hazardous, they would of course need extra insurance and so if you have several trucks, restricting the hazardous loads to just one, could save you on insurance costs. Although the freight may be insured by the client, the truck is always your responsibility to insure but the cost of it can of course be shared between all your clients.